Prices from £300 (Equipment only) or £500 (with a DJ)

LED Effect Lights Choice of Black or White DJ Booth Haze Machine High Quality Sound System to Suit Your Venues Needs. (conditions apply)

The Standard Setup

This setup is perfect for those venues that may be slightly tight on space as it is designed to be compact yet still effective!

It consists of LED Effect Lights effects that project various colours and shapes through near on 180 degrees to fill the venue with light!

The lighting effects are also computer controlled for maximum effectiveness.

The standard setup is further enhanced with our haze machine if your venue allows, the haze machine allows the beams from the barell effects to be seen in mid-air.

This setup is also perfect for those lower budgets.

We charge 2 prices for our packages. This package starts at £300 with no DJ If you wanted a DJ this package will be £500


Please note: Prices are based on setups in the north west UK. Bookings made outside the north west may incur additional travel costs.

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